Nearly Naked Soap

Nearly Naked Soap

Soap made with natural and organic ingredients


Nearly Naked Soap Made with Natural & Organic Ingredients

Why nearly naked?  Our wholesale and retail soaps are nearly naked because they are made with natural and certified organic ingredients.  Nearly Naked also uses minimal packaging in an effort to maintain ourselves as a green company and keep  our soap affordable to retailers and consumers. 

Nearly Naked Wholesale Soap

We are suppliers of Nearly Naked Wholesale Soap. We offer retail and B2B. Whether you are looking for a few bars or a few hundred bars let us fill your need with our Nearly Naked Wholesale Soap.

Please note: while every effort is made to provide consistency in color of our soaps, there will always be a variation from one lot to the next.  This should not be looked at as a flaw but instead embraced as a unique characteristic of the soap.

Your Own Private Label

After purchase you can customize the soap by adding your own label with your branding. A line of organic soap will be a lucrative addition to just about any product line. A gourmet quality soap will help you to increase sales in your storefront or online shopping cart.

This is not an MLM.  You buy it when you need it.  No costly monthly autoships.  Our soaps do well in boutiques, flea markets, swap meets, spas, street fairs and other such venues.

Our Nearly Naked Soaps come to you with a simple parchment label that includes the ingredients, all you have to do is put your business label on the back and you're ready to go.

Have a question about using our soap to start a business?  Please feel free to contact us via email.

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About Soap and Organics

It's all about the chemistry. A bar soap can't achieve organic content above 95% and this has led the industry to be among the most misrepresented in the "Organic" category. In fact because of how soap is formulated along with labeling requirements most bar soaps fall short of the organic mark of 95%.

Our soaps are made with Natural and Certified Organic Ingredients.

 Organic Soap Stack

Keeping it Simple

Our goal at Nearly Naked Soap is to provide a high quality soap and make it available to your company and end users at an affordable price. We offer several affordable options for purchase.

Soaps are sent with parchment label that includes ingredients and is ready for your business label to be applied.

It doesn't get any simpler.